(Translated with permission from the original author; Hibo. The original Japanese website can be found here)


The adults have died out, leaving just the children behind. Japan is shrouded in deep forest. Strange, misshapen beasts prowl around as though the land now belongs to them. But, among all this, the children have chosen to live, to survive on their own. Our story begins 5 years after the fall of human society.

This is a game in which players take on the role of those who remained after the destruction of human culture in Japan. The player characters (PCs) brave the dangers of the deep woods in search of supplies they will need to continue their survival.

Notes for Reading

Bracket Types

[ ] : Indicates character stats and Abilities

( ) : Indicates Specialties

< > : Indicates special vocabulary used in this game

Regarding Fractions

When dividing numbers in this game, all fractional numbers should be rounded up.


Chapter 1 – World

Chapter 2 – Camp Creation

Chapter 3 – Character Creation

Charts – Abilities

Charts – Items

Charts – Names

Charts – Histories

Chapter 4 – Making Checks

Charts – Crits/Fumbles

Chapter 5 – Session Flow

Charts – Take a Walk

Chapter 6 – Search Phase

Charts – Random Encounters

Charts – Enemies/Enemy Abilities

Charts – Enemy Drops

Charts – Search Table

Charts – Rest Table

Chapter 7 – Combat

Charts – Initiative Check Table

Charts – Body Part Table

Charts – Status Ailments

Chapter 8 – Showdown Phase

Chapter 9 – Results Phase

Charts – Camp Facilities and Personnel

Chapter 10 – Character Growth

Chapter 11 – Boss Creation

Chapter 12 – FAQ

Sample of Play