This is a brief section of a much larger sample of play based on the Sample Scenario. The full Replay will be translated at a later date. This will hopefully give everyone an idea of what actual play will look like.


Player 1

Classes: Wounded/Adult

Abilities: Silver Arm, Practice: Stab, Veteran

Items: Fire-Starting Tools, Torch x2, Coka Leaf, Spear

Specialties: <Wound> (Brain), Treat, React, Stab, Endure, Initiate, Herd


Player 2

Classes: Hunter/Scout

Abilities: Weapon Attack: Shoot, Recon, Poison Arrow

Items: Arrow (10/10), Rope, Belt Pouch (Contains 2J), Crossbow

Specialties: Search, Find, Shoot, Lungs, Walk, Hide


Player 3

Classes: New Age/Small

Abilities: Generator, Flame Bullet, Acrobat

Items: Radio, Coka Leaf, 1J, Bar

Specialties: Machinery, Use, Hit, Throw, Dodge, Go Without Rest


After the prologue, in which the hook for the adventure is presented, and the Camp Phase, where the players each take 1 Action at the Camp, their adventure begins. This scene takes place immediately after they arrive at the first Checkpoint. As this is meant to be a very simple example of gameplay, I’ll be cutting all the dialogue/banter.


GM: You are now in the Search Phase, and the first thing you’ll do is Move. But first I’d like to explain: during the Search Phase you move between <Checkpoints> that will eventually lead you to the <Boss>.

Checkpoint A: Description/Encounter

GM: There’s a clearing in the woods. Ivy climbs up empty swing sets, the place that was once a sandbox is now overflowing with lush greenery.

GM: As you approach, 3 Jackalopes burst from the overgrown sandbox and attack.

GM: To begin combat, first roll Initiative. If you succeed in your Initiative Check, you will take your turn during the Adventurer Action: Advance step, if you fail you will take your turn during the Adventurer Action: Late step. You are free to decide among yourselves who takes actions in what order within those two steps. The Specialty you need to roll against for the Initiative Check is decided using the Initiative Check Table. I rolled a 1 on this, so the target Specialty is (React).

GM: The flow of turns in battle each round goes: Initiative Check > Adventurer Action: Advance > Enemy Action > Adventurer Action: Late > Additional Actions > Round Upkeep Step (Status Ailments etc.) This is repeated each round.

Player 3: My closest Specialty is Machinery, so let’s say I have my radio let off some static to spook the enemies and take the initiative (Roll Difficulty: 9). *Roll* I got a 9.

(Note: The Radio Item isn’t actually used in this way. Instead this is merely the player’s explanation of how they are using the Machinery Specialty in this situation.)

GM: The Jackalopes shrink away from the noise of the static. (Everyone else rolls) Looks like you’re all in the Advance step. You can decide amongst yourselves who goes first.

Player 1: I’m going to stab at one of the Jackalopes with my spear.

Player 2: I’ll shoot one with my crossbow.

Player 3: I’ll hit one with my bar.

GM: When attacking, first roll a Hit Check. Your weapon’s item listing will show you which Specialty to roll against. If you succeed, you can deal your weapon’s Power in Damage to the enemy. You can also declare that you’re adding the effect of an Ability.

Player 1: I’m attacking with my Spear. The Specialty is Stab (Roll Difficulty: 5). I’ll use the Ability Veteran to add 1 to my Hit Check. So if I roll at least a 4 I’ll make it. *Roll* With the +1 I got an 11.

GM: The Jackalope will attempt to dodge. Dodging consumes 1 Willpower. Since you got a result of 11 against a Difficulty of 5 for your attack, the Jackalope’s Dodge Check will have a penalty of -6. The Specialty for the Dodge is the same as the Specialty that was used for the Attack. In this case, you used Stab, and the Jackalope also has that Specialty (Difficulty 5). So I just need to roll an 11. *Roll* Nope. The Jackalope takes 2 damage, and its Stamina is reduced to 0. All enemies that aren’t <Bosses> die instantly when their Stamina hits 0.

Player 2: I’m using the Ability Weapon Attack: Shoot with my Crossbow (Difficulty 5, result +2 from Ability). *Roll* Hit.

GM: *Rolls* Dodge Check failed. Thunk. That’s 2 down.

Player 3: I swing with my Bar (Difficulty 5). *Roll* I got 2 6s!

GM: That’s a Crit! Whenever you roll 2 6s you can heal 1 Status Ailment and gain 1D6 Willpower. Also, you can roll on the Hit Check Crit Table for a bonus to your attack.

Player 3: *Roll* I gain 5 Willpower and *Roll* the added Crit effect is that it ignores the enemy’s defense.

GM: A Crit Hit can only be dodged with a Dodge Crit so… *roll* Nope. The Jackalope has no defense, so the added effect doesn’t really do anything. Anyway it’s dead. You’ve vanquished all of them.

GM: Please roll a 1D6 for each Jackalope to see what they dropped using the Enemy Drop Tables.

*Everyone rolls*

GM: You got 2 Furs (Value: 1J, Weight 1) and 1 Raw Meat (Value 1, Weight 1, Food). You can put all of that in your backpack. With that the encounter has ended.

GM: You can take the following actions during each Cycle of the Search Phase:

Try to clear the Hazard

Search (roll on Search Table)

Rest (roll on Rest Table)

Use a Support type Item/Ability

Investigate an Object

Player 1: I’m going to try to clear the Hazard

GM: The path to the next Checkpoint is blocked off by a partially collapsed tunnel. You’ll need to clear the rubble out of the way to get through it. The target Specialty is Grab, which is Specialty 7 in the Arms area.

Player 1: Oh, that falls in the Area Damage I have due to the Wound I have in the Brain slot. So I can’t roll this, can I?

(Note: Characters with the Wounded class choose one body area to be replaced with a Wound. This Wound counts as Area Damage, which prevents them from taking any of the 8 Specialties immediately surrounding their Wound.)

GM: No, you can still roll it. You’ll make use your nearest Specialty; Stab, as a Proxy.

Player 1: Stab is 3 blocks away from Grab, and it’s #7, so 7+3= a difficulty of 10?

GM: No, 7 just refers to where you can find Grab on the chart. All Specialty Checks have a standard difficulty of 5, then you add each space (including the gaps between columns) between the target Specialty and the nearest Specialty your character has.

Player: Oh, well if Grab to Stab gives me 8 difficulty, React would have the same. I’m going to say that my character is keeping an eye out for movements of animals and then he’ll trail them to see how they get into and out of the tunnel. *rolls* Nope.

Player 3: I’m going to interact with the Park. You said it was an Object, right?

GM: Correct. Roll a Search Specialty Check. If you succeed you’ll roll on the Park Search Table (this is a special table created specifically for this sample mission) and if you fail you’ll roll on the Park Search Failure Table (ditto).

Player 3: The closest I have to Search is Hit. So, uh, difficulty 7?

GM: You didn’t count the gaps between the columns. The actual difficulty is 9.

Player 3: I see. Wait, are the ‘Talent’ and ‘Survival’ columns connected?

GM: No. But there is an Ability for the Professor class that lets you treat them like they are.

Player 3: Okay. Well here goes *roll* nope.

GM: Okay roll on the Park Search Failure Table.

Player 3: *roll* 2!

GM: The rusty playground toy you’re searching creaks and collapses. This has no actual effect.

Player 2: I’m going to try to clear the Hazard. Let’s say I stick a horn off one of the Jackalopes on my crossbow and try to aim for a weak point in the rocks to open the path. So I’m using Shoot as my Proxy. *roll* Crit!

GM: The horn you shot flies true, and the rubble collapses out of the way safely. Also you gain 1D6 Willpower.

GM: Okay, that’s everyone’s Actions for this Cycle, so we’ll move on to Cycle 2. The path to Checkpoint B is open, so you can move on to there in Cycle 2 if you’d like, or you can continue to take Actions in Checkpoint A.

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