Results Phase

Closing Scene

During this Phase, the players will experience the ending awaiting their adventurers after the battle with the <Boss> is over.

If the purpose of the adventure was to gather supplies, the members of the Camp will come and harvest the bounty of the woods that have been cleared of the <Boss>’s <Field>. Surely they will heap praise on the brave adventurers.

Distribution of Rewards

There’s a good chance that there is all kinds of loot ready for the taking in the cleared <Field>. Since they cleared the <Field>, the adventurers have the right to first dibs on the spoils. A good rule of thumb for rewards is ‘Each adventurer gains an item or items whose value equal 3X, where X is the level of the <Boss> of that <Field>.’ The GM may add to this depending on circumstances, or may use alternative rewards such as new Camp Facilities.

Camp Growth

The Camp will gain X CP (Camp Points), where X is the level of the <Boss> that was defeated. Using these points, new Personnel or Facilities may be added to the Camp, or current ones may be leveled up. For the purpose of the explanation below, ‘Personnel’ and ‘Facilities’ will both be referred to as ‘Facilities’.

As long as your Camp has the CP for it, you may add or level up as many Facilities as you wish.

Camp Facilities have the following characteristics.

  • Name

The name of the Facility.

  • CP Cost

The cost in CP of adding this Facility to the Camp. If this cost is paid after a Facility has been built, the Facility will gain a level. Also, 1C (can) can be used to equal 1CP.

  • Type

There are 2 types: Permanent and Assist. Permanent type Facilities always give their benefit to the party. Assist type Facilities must be used during the Camp Phase to take advantage of their benefits.

  • Specialty

The Specialty used when making checks to use this Facility. If there is none, then no check is needed to use the Facility.

  • Level

The level of the Facility. When first purchased, all Facilities are at level 1.

  • Max Level

Maximum level this Facility can attain.

  • Prerequisite

If the listed prerequisite Facility does not exist in the Camp, this Facility cannot be purchased.

  • Effect

The effect of this Facility or Personnel when they are used.

Facility/Personnel Table

Acquire Experience

Experience is awarded to adventurers who survived the mission, and the players can use these points to improve their characters. Experience is awarded based on the following conditions.

  1. You survived! (3 points)
  2. You brought hope to the camp (1 point)
  3. You learned from your mistakes (1 point per Fumble rolled)
  4. You defeated a [Boss] (1X where X is the [Boss]’s level)
  5. You visited the [Checkpoint](s) (1 point per [Checkpoint])
  6. You cleared the Hazards (1 point per Hazard)
  7. You defeated the [Boss] before the Limit (1 point per Cycle remaining)
  8. You played your role well (1 point)
  9. You helped someone (1 point)
  10. You helped the game run smoothly (1 point)

After the Session Ends

The following things happen to each character after the Session is over:

  1. [Stamina] is set to [Stamina Base]x2
  2. [Willpower] is set to [Willpower Base]
  3. All damage is recovered. (Wounded characters’ <Wound> is not healed)
  4. (Optional) Players can re-assign their character’s Specialties.
  5. (Optional) Players can re-assign their character’s Abilities.

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