Showdown Phase


While attempting to clear the <Hazards> on the way to where the <Boss> is, if you reach the end of the last Cycle of the Limit, you will automatically be moved to the <Checkpoint> where the <Boss> resides. You may also naturally reach the <Checkpoint> where the <Boss> is before the last Cycle of the Limit if you are able to clear out all the <Hazards> before then. Once you are in the <Checkpoint> where the <Boss> is, you enter the Showdown Phase.

You must still roll on the Random Encounter Table when moving to the <Checkpoint> where the <Boss> is.

Random Encounter Table

Setting the Scene

At the beginning of the Showdown Phase the GM will describe the area of the Showdown, as well as the <Boss> itself.

Showdown with the <Boss>

After the GM has finished their description, the Showdown with the <Boss> will begin. This will be a deadly fight against an incredibly powerful foe.

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