Class FAQs

Q: Can a Wounded whose <Wound> takes up their (Main Hand) Specialty still use items in their right and left hands?

A: Yes.

Q: Can a Wounded whose <Wound> takes up their (Main Hand) Specialty still equip two-handed weapons such as a Spear? Are there any penalties?

A: Yes, they can equip two-handed weapons. There are no penalties.

Action FAQs

Q: Can a player use an Interrupt-type action even if they are Done for the Round?

A: Yes. Interrupt-type actions ignore Ready/Done status.

Ability FAQs

Q: Can I use [Poison Arrow] without any arrows in my inventory?

A: Yes. Having this Ability represents your character having the arrow and poison available to use.

Q: Does the Specialty check for [Full Body Attack] need to be the same as my equipped weapon?

A: No, unlike [Weapon Attack], [Full Body Attack] does not need to use the same Specialty as your weapon. You are free to choose the Specialty for the check. You could, for example, use (Hit) even though you are wielding a spear. Just make sure to properly describe how you are using that Specialty to make the attack.

Q: What happens if I use [Counter Stab] but the enemy already had damage to that Area?

A: Nothing. This Ability should be used only after you have  confirmed the Area where you will take the damage.

Q: Do damaging Support abilities like [Pythagoras] cause an Evasion check?

A: No.

Q: Do attacks that cause status ailments, like [Roar], cause an Evasion check?

A: Yes. Any Attack-type Ability will cause an Evasion check.

Q: Will I lose the ability to use a Specialty gained through the Wounded Ability [Rehabilitation] if the Area that Specialty belongs to is damaged?

A: Yes, you will lose the ability to use it. [Rehabilitation] does not protect this Specialty from being rendered unusable.

Q: At character creation, can I make a character who only has General Group Abilities?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I stack the effects of the Worker Ability [Remodel] on a single item?

A: Effects from an Ability of the same name cannot stack on a single target.

Item FAQs

Q: During character creation, can I sell my starting backpack and use that money to buy other equipment?

A: Yes. You can combine the 10J from selling the backpack with your starting 5J and purchase items that add up to 15J.

Q: Does the effect of the Handbag only work if I have it equipped?

A: Yes, you must have it equipped to one of your hands. Otherwise it is simply a Weight: 2 Container.

Q: I want to trade a 6J Machete for a 4J Spear. Will I get change back?

A: It depends. If you are making this purchase in a situation that states ‘You may purchase 1 item’ then you will not get change. If there is no such condition in place, you would get 2J in change back with the 4J Spear.

Q: During combat, can I take a weapon out of my bag and equip it in the same Round?

A: No. Taking it out of the bag is 1 Action and equipping it is 1 Action. Therefore, it would take a total of 2 Rounds.

Q: If I equip 2 Pot Lids, will I get +2 to my Evasion Checks?

A: No. Effects from equipment of the same name do not stack.

Q: I have 2 Coka Leaves. They have Interrupt Timing, but can I use 2 of them in the same Round?

A: Yes. With regards to Consumable Items, even if they share the same name each one is treated as a separate Item.

Q: When I ‘use’ a Pet, does that signify my character eating it?

A: No. Using a Pet as a Support Action signifies playing with/petting it and recovering 1D3 [Willpower]. The Food trait for Pets simply represents that they could be treated as a Food Item under dire circumstances.

Q: How do you use Pepper Balls?

A: You use them the same as any other Attack. While using a Sling, consume 1 Pepper Ball you have before rolling your Hit Check. If you hit with your attack, the target is [Paralyzed].

Q: I got a crit with my katana! My attack power is doubled! Do I roll 1D6 for the attack power before or after?

A: Roll the 1D6 attack power first, then double that number.

Q: Can I target someone else’s Items with Abilities like [Remodel] or [Discount] that target Items?

A: Yes.

Q: If I’m using equipment that is two-handed or a one-handed item in each hand, can I still use consumables like a Coka Leaf?

A: Yes. Usage of consumables is not affected by what you have equipped in your hands.

Q: I took Damage to my Dominant Hand. Can I use items or weapons equipped to it?

A: Yes. In-character you should interpret this as still being able to hold the weapon in that hand but having been wounded too greatly to use any Specialties related to that arm.

Q: If there is a value assigned to an item that can’t be purchased, can I still trade that item for J?

A: Yes. For example, Hard Shells can be traded for 1J a piece.

Check FAQs

Q: Is a Death Check considered a ‘Check’ for the sake of rulings?

A: Yes. A Death Check can be the target of Abilities such as the Hope’s Light of Hope and Wounded’s Bad Luck.

Q: I rolled a crit but had to re-roll. Do I still get the [Willpower] boost?

A: Crits/Fumbles only count on the final roll result. In the case you mentioned this would not be counted as a crit, so you would not recover [Willpower].

Camp FAQ

Q: When I roll a 6 on the Additional Facilities Table, do I need to choose either a Water Barrel or a Bath? Or do I get them both?

A: In that case you receive both a Water Barrel and a Bath.

Search Phase FAQ

Q: When do the players receive information on whether a <Checkpoint> has a <Hazard>, or information on the <Boss>?

A: Information regarding <Checkpoints>, such as a description of the location and the existence of any <Hazards>, will generally be explained when your characters arrive at that <Checkpoint>. However, there may be exceptions. If other explorers have been through the area before, it may be possible that this information could be gained earlier. You may also be able to predict the existence of <Hazards> if you have a map of the <Field>. You may also obtain information on the appearance and general nature of the <Boss> as well.

Status Ailment FAQ

Q: If my [Stamina] is 0 and I take 1 damage from [Burning], will that cause Area Damage?

A: Yes, that will cause Area Damage. Roll to check which Area is damaged.

Q: If my [Willpower] hits 0 due to [Burning], will I become [Helpless]?

A: Yes, you will become [Helpless].

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