Session Flow

Each session of LOST is divided up into a few Phases. These Phases follow a certain order:

  1. Camp Phase
  2. Search Phase
  3. Showdown Phase
  4. Result Phase


In this game, to make sure that every player gets equal opportunities to take actions during each session, we use a concept known as Cycles. Basically, each player can take 1 action per Cycle. The actions a player can take will change depending on the Phase they are currently in. Simple things like conversing with your companions or taking a look around are not counted.

The order in which the players take actions during a Cycle is determined using the rules for the Phase they are in. If multiple players can take an action at the same time, it is up to the players to decide the order they will take their actions in.

A player’s action for the Cycle should be completely resolved before moving on to the next player’s Action.

When every player has taken their action for the Cycle, the Cycle ends. Then, a new Cycle will begin, and each player will again be allowed to take 1 action.

Ready and Done

When a player resolves their action for a given Cycle, they should place a die or other small object over their character portrait on their character sheet. This will indicate to everyone that they have completed their action for that Cycle. In the terms of this game, we refer to this player as being ‘Done’.

On the other hand, if a player does not have anything on top of their character portrait, this indicates to everyone that they have not yet taken their action for the Cycle. This is referred to as ‘Ready’.

When a new Cycle begins, everyone returns to the ‘Ready’ state. They should ensure that nothing is left on top of their character portrait.

Camp Phase

This is the Phase in which adventurers take actions at their Camp. During this Phase the beginning of the adventure is established and preparations for departure are made.


When the Camp Phase begins, the GM will set up the Prologue of the adventure. Here, the GM will explain the backstory of the Scenario, as well as the reason why the adventurers are going to head out into the <Field>. The GM will also explain the Cycle Limit for the Search Phase.

Based on the Scenario, combat and action checks can happen during this Phase. However, considering time constraints, it is also fine to just quickly finish preparations and immediately continue on to the Search Phase.

Mainly, the goals for Scenarios will be things like: obtaining supplies for their Camp, searching for lost companions, preventing the expansion of a <Field> or making contact with other Camps.

Phase Actions

After the Prologue ends, each character can make preparations for the Search Phase.

The Limit for this Phase is 1 Cycle. Each character can take 1 action from the following list:

Take a Walk

Roll 2D6 and use the Take a Walk Table to determine the effect. These effects can stack if multiple people choose this action and roll the same result.

Take a Walk Table

Use Facility

Utilize one of the facilities in the Camp.

Use Personnel

Utilize the services of one of the personnel in the Camp.

Use Ability

Utilize Support-Type Abilities or Items.


Pass on taking any particular action.

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