Camp Creation

In Camps, people work together to survive. As a player, you will take on the role of an Adventurer; a member of a Camp who has abilities specially suited for overcoming the dangers of <Fields>

  1. Naming the Camp

The first thing the players should do is decide on a name for the Camp where they all live. A simple and thematic idea would be to use the name of a nearby school or public building.

You may also use the following random table to decide the name of the Camp.

(Roll on these tables for words you can combine to create the name of your camp.)


  1. Camp Facilities/Personnel

All Camps will start with the following facilities, each at Level 1: <Roof>, <Walls>, <Sleeping Area>, <Water Source>, <Storage>, <Pantry>. The Camp has been steadily falling into disrepair in the last 5 years, and is now quite run-down.


Based on the above, the cumulative effects of the initial Camp set-up are:

  • Each party member’s [Willpower Base] +7
  • Each party member’s [Stamina Base] +2
  • [10] items can be stored at Camp

Next, roll 1D6 once to determine what additional facilities are at the Camp using the following table. The ‘Specialty’ column indicates what Specialty must be rolled against to utilize each facility during the Camp Phase.


See the Camp Growth section of Chapter 9 for more information on Camp upgrades.

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