The first translation project for Ancient Scars will be the survival RPG LOST. LOST takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Japan that is similar to the setting of Tokyo Jungle; deep forest has completely taken over the country and wild animals (as well as strange monsters) roam freely. The players take on the roles of survivors, who are mainly children, who are attempting to gather resources to continue living in this harsh environment.

Ever since the release of Minecraft there has been a huge boom in popularity for roguelike survival games. LOST fits perfectly into that niche. I think the video game it is closest to would be Darkest Dungeon. Like Darkest Dungeon it includes a mechanic for gathering materials to improve your base (which in turn improves your character attributes), a flexible class system that allows you to re-spec your character’s abilities between each adventure, a focus on risk/reward gambles during adventures, and a resource management system.

The actual crunch of the game is based on the Saikoro Fiction system; the same system used by Shinobigami, which was recently released in the US. This system is incredibly easy to pick up and learn for both players and GMs, making it great for use at conventions and single-session games. LOST, however, also has a very good campaign set up, making it easy to also have long-running games using the system. The scenario and GM tools make it very easy to create sessions and whole campaigns, and the system is easy to use enough to make house rules and additions a snap.

I think this is a great game. It’s easy to read, easy to learn and easy to play. It encourages roleplaying and has an easy to understand but rich world that players can get immersed in. I hope everyone enjoys reading and using this game system as much as I am going to enjoy translating it and bringing it to you.

To get started reading the translation, the project page can be found here

Hibo’s original Japanese page for the game can be found here

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