My name is Gene, and I started this blog for one purpose: to host my translations of indie Japanese Tabletop Role-Playing Games. At the moment I only have a single project, but hopefully as time goes on I’ll be able to get involved with many more projects.

I love TRPGs. I met some of my best friends and have had some of my most memorable experiences around a gaming table. While I lived in Japan I was able to connect with Japanese friends by joining a TRPG circle in the prefecture where I lived. I think these games can open doors and connect people’s hearts. It sounds sappy, but I think many TRPG veterans would agree with me.

The name of this site is based on one possible interpretation of the name 古痕 (read Kokon). This was the name of the TRPG circle I was in while I lived in Japan. The members of that group are my great friends, and I am always grateful to them for inviting me to play with them. They are the ones who gave me the great love for Japanese TRPGs I have today.

Please check back here regularly, as I’ll be posting fairly regular updates on my first project in the near future. Look forward to an introduction of this first project within the next 24 hours.

Thank you so much for visiting my humble blog. I hope we can all have many wonderful adventures together.


3 thoughts on “Ancient Scars is Open!

    1. This is a great game! I played it with the Japanese RPG group this blog is named after, actually. I really wish I could translate it, but unfortunately I don’t have permission from the original copyright holders. For my translations I’m going to focus on translations that have the blessings of the original creators.


      1. Understandable. Unfortunately Kadokawa owns it, so it’ll probably never even be licensed since it’s buried so deep. Nice to hear that it’s a good game, though, I just bought it on a whim based on the description.


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